Cover picture
Toshiaki Shibata Collection

This painting has been exhibited at
The Museum of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo   1997
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo   1995



acrylic and oil on canvas
1940mm x 1305mm

With this work, I felt that I finally succeeded to express a concept called a phase but I suddenly changed from the heavy, fractal image to a more sophisticated, urbane, aesthetic sense. I suffered some criticism that I had done this casually even though the fashion at that time was for dark and decadent pictures. I took a model from foreign fashion magazines, "Vogue" etc, as the element of formation and constructed a drawing, carried out luminosity analysis and coloured it three-dimensionally.

I did not put the "story" of the theme in to the "complex visual-representation" as I painted with thick-layers to create a multi-layered form. Subsequently I treated the multi-layered and single-layered forms as equivalent.

I'm coming to think that the "search for the madeness (the artistry of the formative arts)" is most important.

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