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The Museum of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

This painting has been exhibited at
Gallery "Boku-no kusou Bijutukan', Tokyo   1992
The Museum of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo   1997

futatsu no jigazou to toshi
(double self-portrait and metropolis)


acrylic on canvas

The best point from the technique of "analysis and synthesis of the colored regions" is that the conflict between colours and forms makes a new image. However, I discovered that this gives a strong two-dimensional impression, and the spatial element became monotonous. Although the apparent density of the picture increases with the analysis it overemphasises the "Digital Image" and loses the energy and vitality.

In order to overcome the two-dimensionality I studied the "Yamato E" (classical Japanese painting) representation of space to give life to a coloured surface without using perspective to represent the spatial dimension.

The combination of the different elements (two self-portraits and the urban scene) makes a super-representation space, and can give a distinctive image to the concept of the work and its contents.

However, it is necessary to do elaborate preliminary sketching. The depiction begins to take a long time, planning colours and forms.

(from work note)


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