hommage to Filonov

A solo exhibition of Shibata-san's works at "Navicula Artis" gallery, St Petersburg, running from May 18th through June 1st, 2002 15:00pm - 19:00pm

"Navicula Artis" gallery
Cultural Center "Pushkinskaya-10",
Ligovsky pr., 53, 3d floor       
St Petersburg 191040
Tel: +7 (812) 164 5371

Toshiaki Shibata standing by his painting "experiment"

Exhibited Paintings

  1. "a bridge"
  2. "hommage to Michelangelo"
  3. "ningen no machi I"
  4. "steam"
  5. "theater on Broadway"
  6. "akaihata no aru fuukei"
  7. "experiment"
  8. "Melancholy of Narcissist V"
  9. "Melancholy of Narcissist II"
  10. "kumo"
  11. "suki"
  12. "aoi onna eno omaaju II no tame no shyuusaku"
  13. (video collaboration)


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